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Connected car platform Mojio raises $15m series A funding

By rachael

(c)iStock/kool99 Connected car platform Mojio has announced that it's closed a $15m series A round of funding, meaning it can now expand its hardware agnostic, cloud-based product.   Mojio's platRead more

Why autonomous vehicles are the key to safer roads

By StanBoland

(c)iStock/CasarsaGuru It’s a sobering fact that even in this technological age, we still see 1.2 million deaths on our roads each year. Furthermore, studies show that nearly 95% of road accidentRead more

BMW set to test 40 self driving cars for foray into ride sharing

By rachael

(c)iStock/kurmyshov Move over Uber, BMW is doing some autonomous vehicle testing of its own in Germany next year, according to Reuters. The rise in popularity of car-sharing apps such as Uber is partRead more

Why the auto industry should embrace Blockchain

By MahbubulAlam

(c)iStock/skodonnell Technical innovations happen constantly in small and big ways across our modern society, but relatively few breakthroughs ever have far-reaching impact. Consider Wi-Fi and the smaRead more

Why we need to build the ecosystem for autonomous vehicles

By JeremyMcCool

(c)iStock/urbancow The federal transportation authority is calling for a national set of standards on driverless car safety. Tesla just announced its Autopilot feature for all future models, and meanwRead more

Uber to set up its own artificial intelligence lab

By rachael

(c)iStock/GoodLifeStudio Uber has aquired a machine learning company and set up a new division dedicated to research in AI.  Uber AI Labs will be based in San Francisco and its initial core willRead more

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