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A guide to making marketing human in the age of artificial intelligence

By domduhig

(c) There is no denying that we are entering a new phase in how technology helps to connect brands with consumers. We are moving from visual interfaces to text and voice. Language. SRead more

Why the next big thing in marketing is...simplicity (part two)

By thaddeuskubis

(c) Editor’s note: The first part of this two-part article, available here, explained the concept of ConOps – the concept of operations – in a marketing communicaRead more

The 10 things you need to ask for in a marketing automation demo

By adamoldfield

(c) Marketing budgets continued to rise in 2016, advancing to 12% of company revenue, on average, according to Gartner. This ongoing investment in the profession has left the majoritRead more

Why does customer engagement matter for retailers?

By karenwheeler

(c) The retail industry is a fiercely competitive one. The rise of eCommerce means that consumers can, and do, easily shop around for better deals, while today’s desire for speeRead more

A full board issue: How should CMOs get a grip on information security?

By jaymuelhoefer

(c) Huge quantities of data pass through the marketing department. While collaborating with colleagues, ad agencies, agency partners and marketing tech providers, marketers are oRead more

Vine loops its last as service closes to move into Vine Camera

By James

(c) The ephemeral world of social media rumbles on: today represents the last day that social media video platform Vine remains a standalone app before being folded into a widerRead more

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