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NHS offers ‘Blue Room’ VR treatment to help children with autism overcome fears

By vrtechnews

(c) The Blue Room, an immersive virtual reality service which helps children with autism overcome their fears, is being offered on the National Health Service (NHS) in the UK after rRead more

SubVRsive gets $4 million funding for VR and AR production

By vrtechnews

(c) SubVRsive, a Texas-based media house specialising in virtual and augmented reality, has announced it has raised $4 million (£3.21m) in a series A investment round as weRead more

HTC plans to enter the mobile VR arena

By Ryan

(Image Credit: iStockPhoto/monkeybusinessimages) With its handset business continuing to falter, HTC is banking on making a success of mobile VR to improve the company’s outlook. HTC is best knoRead more

First ever European VR landscape unveiled with more than 100 firms on board

By vrtechnews

(c) A first ever European virtual reality (VR) landscape, featuring companies that are developing infrastructure, tools/platforms and/or apps for the thriving ecosystem, has beRead more

VCs and investors poured $2.3 billion into VR and AR startups in 2016

By vrtechnews

(c) According to technology advisor Digi-Capital, venture capital and corporate investors have invested $2.3 billion (£1.84bn) into virtual reality/augmented reality (VR/AR)Read more

RBS 6 Nations fans to get machine learning and VR experience through Accenture

By vrtechnews

(c) The 2017 RBS Six Nations Championship will be accompanied by artificial intelligence in the form of the latest analytics, machine learning and virtual reality brought by AccentuRead more

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