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Harnessing The Hybrid Cloud To Drive Business Agility

Thursday 26th October 2023

Why Attend?

Join us for the free virtual Hybrid Cloud Congress on Thursday 26th October 2023 which will cover the business benefits born out of combining and unifying public cloud and private cloud services to create a single, flexible, agile and cost-optimal IT infrastructure.

Register for free to learn how establishing a strategic hybrid cloud can align IT resources with business and application needs to accelerate optimal business outcomes and achieve excellence in the cloud.

Who Attends?

This digital event will bring together over 500 industry leading IT Directors within SMEs and large corporates responsible for cloud migration strategies in their businesses, including: 

Cloud Specialists, Programme Managers, Heads of Innovation, CIOs, CTOs, CISOs, Infrastructure Architects, Chief Engineers, Consultants and Digital Transformation Executives.

Key Topics

Key takeaways from the event:

● Tips to optimize your hybrid cloud management
● Delivering a better customer experience with hybrid cloud
● How to secure and govern your hybrid cloud
● How to unleash the power of data in your hybrid cloud
● Bringing hybrid cloud to the edge
● Cultivating a cloud-first culture

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On-Demand Sessions

2023 Event Agenda


11:45-12:00 (GMT)

Chair’s Welcome Address

Duncan MacRae, Editor in Chief, CloudTech News


12:00-12:30 (GMT)

Presentation: Why Hybrid Cloud? Everything you need to know

This session will explore:

● A unified, adaptive IT services architecture – the basics, benefits, risks and challenges

● The evolution of hybrid cloud management

● Is Hybrid Cloud the right choice?


12:30-13:00 (GMT)

Keynote Presentation: Bringing Hybrid Cloud to the Edge

This session will explore:

● Workloads running on edge and cloud computing often have different needs, but lately we find these major IT trends merging.

● How can these approaches be combined to create a hybrid cloud IT system that optimises how you deploy, run, and manage critical business applications and data?


13:00-13:30 (GMT)

Presentation: ‘On Cloud Nine’ – What to Learn from a Successful Cloud Migration

This session will cover:

● Benefits, processes & types of cloud migration.

● How to cope with potential inefficiencies during cloud migration. 

● Ensuring you choose the right cloud services partner and embracing new architecture.  


13:30-14:10 (GMT)

Panel Discussion: Cultivating a Cloud Culture

This session will explore:

● Cloud Transformation – Culture, Team and Cloud Fluency.  

● Learn how to create a cloud-first culture with people and technology in mind.

● How to train the entire team, not just engineers and developers.  

● How to effectively communicate in a world of cloud.  


14:10-14:30 (GMT)

Presentation: Unleash the power of data in your hybrid cloud

This session will cover:

● How can you make the most of data across your entire digital estate?

● How to manage data-driven decision making

● How to manage and secure the data lifecycle across private and public clouds

● A look at best practices and real-world examples



14:50 – 15:20 (GMT)

Presentation: The best of both worlds – Hybrid and Multi Cloud Environments 

This session will explore:

● Hybrid Cloud vs. Multi-Cloud: What is the difference?  

● Why it is essential to be aware of the different clouds, and learn about their nuances. 

● Which type of Cloud Deployment should my business use?

● Examining different factors such as costs and security. 


15:20-15:40 (GMT)

Presentation: Staying Secure – A Guide to Security in a Hybrid Cloud Environment   

The concept of Hybrid Cloud is gaining prominence; however, it comes at the cost of potential security threats. As more enterprises are moving their information to the cloud, are your security measures keeping up? In this session you will learn… 

● How to secure your hybrid cloud infrastructure, protecting your vital data and avoid unauthorised access – exploring tactics for managing comprehensive authentication. 

● How to maintain consistent and complementary security settings across public and private cloud.

● Best practices and case studies for Hybrid Cloud Security.   


15:40-16:10 (GMT)

Case Study: Hybrid Cloud in Retail   

This session will explore:

● How hybrid cloud can be valuable to the retail and e-commerce industries

● A look at cloud-based inventory solutions

● Personalising the customer experience with hybrid cloud


16:10-16:50 (GMT)

Panel: The Future of Hybrid Cloud – What Next?

This session will cover:

● Is the Future Hybrid?  What we can expect in the next 10 years

● What challenges come alongside the evolution of the cloud?

● Should we expect a reflection of hybrid work in the future of hybrid-cloud systems?  

● Should we embrace a long-term hybrid cloud strategy and how?

16:50-17:00 (GMT)

Closing Remarks

A wrap up and summary of key themes and learnings

17:00 (GMT)

Event Close

All sessions will be available on-demand for 30 days after the event has finished!


Hybrid Cloud Congress will take place virtually via our official AI-powered online platform. This platform will host the virtual sessions and networking during the event. Register your free ticket for the chance to connect and network with industry experts, discuss current and future strategies, and supercharge your event experience!

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The online networking platform will launch on Thursday 6th April 2023

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