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The promises of artificial intelligence (AI) have long been discussed; but tech leaders and research firms are now proclaiming that AI has a serious near-term future for businesses.

Marc Benioff, CEO of Salesforce, told delegates at IBM InterConnect 2017 there was an ‘acceleration’ going on in AI. PwC named it as one of the eight core technological breakthroughs that the C-suite should ‘absolutely’ consider, while Gartner cited AI and advanced machine learning as the number one strategic technology trend of 2017.

AI News has been founded on this concept: from chatbots, to deep learning, organisations who can make the right moves today can have a potentially lucrative tomorrow by integrating real-time data analysis and predictions not just for their company but for their customers. We will look at the main players in this exciting emerging market, and look at the consequences for enterprise and developers alike. TechForge is a global publishing business with headquarters in Bristol, UK.

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