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As the promise of technologies such as 5G, artificial intelligence and machine learning, and the Internet of Things continues to mature, organisations at the forefront are realising the need for greater speed, connectivity, and real-time access to data. Edge computing, where computing is done much closer to – or at – the source of data, is increasingly being seen as the answer, and is rapidly becoming an essential part of organisations’ strategies. According to Frost & Sullivan, edge computing is a ‘foundational’ technology for industrial enterprises, with 90% of companies analysed forecast to utilise edge by 2022.

Edge Computing News looks at the main players & developments in this exciting market, offering best practice guidance for stakeholders from enterprises, to operators, to developers, and looks at the ramifications for wider technological convergence. With a combined subscriber base and social network of over 2.5 million technology professionals, Edge Computing News is your perfect partner for important announcements, thought leadership, and product launches.



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