Brad Parks

Chief Marketing Officer, Morpheus Data

Brad Parks is the CMO at Morpheus Data, where he leads go-to-market at the intersection of product management, engineering, customer success, technology alliances, and OEM/GSI partnerships. He hates that a Marketing title usually means people deduct 65 IQ points but is used to raising expectations.

Prior to Morpheus, Brad led global product management and marketing teams within HPE Storage for nearly a decade. Early on, he held engineering roles as a system admin, application developer and DBA… but don’t ask him to write code, normalize a database, or validate a JSON payload.

Brad holds a BS, MSIT, and MBA degrees which means he spent too much money on school and couldn’t decide if he liked Computer Science or Entrepreneurship more.  Brad enjoys long walks on the beach, teaching skiing to handicapped kiddos, and spending time in the kitchen or outdoors with friends and family.