Kemal Levi, PhD

Founder and CEO, Relimetrics

Dr. Kemal Levi is a serial entrepreneur with 15+ years of experience in the fields of NDTI and computer vision. In 2009, he completed his Ph.D. in Materials Science Engineering at Stanford University, where
he worked on applying NDTI methods to polymer thin film structures, including fuel cell membranes and solar cells. Levi pioneered the application of digital image correlation (DIC), an upcoming experimental stress – strain analysis technique, in the field of cosmetics and plastic surgery for tracking treatment and surgical procedure efficacy. His work received wide acclaim and the novel techniques he developed to characterize skin stresses and efficacy of skin care treatments have been adopted by the cosmeceutical and medical device industries. Levi founded Relimetrics, Inc. in SV and Berlin in 2013 with a focus on bringing computer vision to manufacturing companies to help them digitize quality assurance on the shop floor. Since then Kemal has been the CEO and Chief Product Architect at Relimetrics. Levi has authored numerous patents and publications in his field of expertise and is a frequent speaker on NDT and mechanical reliability. 

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