Transforming Customer Experience & Retention in a Digital Age

Date: Tuesday 18th June 2024
Time: 10am ET (USA) / 3pm BST (UK)
45 mins

About The Webinar

Today’s competitive landscape, Customer Experience (CX) is a key market differentiator. Despite economic uncertainty, companies are adopting digital Customer Experience Management (CXM) to gain a competitive edge and enhance customer retention.

Join us for a webinar based on Everest Group’s survey of organizations with revenues over $500 million. Learn how these companies use Data and Analytics (D&A) and AI to drive CX transformation, leveraging technologies like automation, agent assist tools, and AI bots.

The role of D&A in reshaping CX operations

Latest trends in CX D&A and AI technology adoption

Achieving business goals with CX D&A

Effective models for implementing CX D&A and AI services

Overcoming common challenges to maximize CX D&A benefits

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