DataOps Can Build the Foundation For Your Generative AI Ambitions

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About The Webinar

Join us for an exclusive webinar unveiling the findings of EXL’s recent commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting, examining the landscape of data operations across the US and UK. Forrester’s comprehensive research and custom surveys targeting 158 analytics leaders in line of business and data quality/governance roles have revealed key insights that pave the way for data transformation.

DataOps and Generative AI: Discover how DataOps serves as the cornerstone for enabling generative AI, implementing crucial data management and governance practices essential for operational use cases.

Elevating Data Management: Explore the urgent need for organizations to upgrade their data management practices, driven by mounting pressures, emerging use cases like generative AI, and the shift towards federated data strategies.

Investing in DevOps for Data Quality: Uncover the critical role of DevOps capabilities in enhancing data quality and consumption. Learn how aligning DataOps with purpose, culture, and actions supports novel data practices and use cases.

Shekhar Vemuri, CTO
at EXL
Ryan Baca, VP, Data Management
at EXL
Michele Goetz, Vice President /Principal Analyst
at Forrester

Speaker Profiles

Ryan Baca

VP, Data Management


Shekhar Vemuri



Michele Goetz

Vice President /Principal Analyst