Waterfall Security – TOP 20 Cyber Attacks Against Critical Infrastructure and ICS


Top 20 Cyber Attacks Against Critical Infrastructure and ICS

About The Webinar

Critical industrial infrastructure such as energy, water treatment, and transportation are increasingly using IT systems and industrial cloud services to create digital twins and increase productivity. However, sending data from critical networks is very different to sending data from IT, IoT, or other business assets. In many cases the risk to safe and continuous industrial operations outweigh the benefits of the cloud service, and thus trigger objections at all levels. Worse, a cloud-based supply chain attack could cripple hundreds of critical infrastructure sites at once. In a recent cyber-attack, an Iranian steel mill went up in flames.

This webinar includes a sneak preview of a new report – The Top 20 Cyber Attacks on Critical Infrastructure. The attack “ruler” now includes nation-state-grade ransomware, IT-targeted ransomware that triggers “abundance of caution” OT / ICS shutdowns, and IT-targeted ransomware that triggers OT shutdowns when IT systems vital to OT networks are impaired. Cloud-seeded ransomware / supply-chain attacks are highlighted as the new biggest risk. We work an example – using the updated attack set to evaluate classic and modern security postures at a large refinery. Join us to understand how cyber-attacks are impacting critical operations around the world today.


Waterfall Security Solutions

Jesus Molina

Director of Industrial Security

Key Webinar Takeaways

Learn about the top 20 Cyber-attacks against critical infrastructures

Explore Ransomware directed at cyber sabotage

Discover what really happened in the Colonial Pipeline attack

Learn how to prevent attacks – deterministically and not probabilistically – and safely send data to the industrial cloud

Speaker Profiles

Waterfall Security Solutions

Jesus Molina

Director of Industrial Security

Jesus Molina is Waterfall’s Director of Industrial Security. He is a security expert in both OT and IT security. A former hacker, his research on offensive security in industrial systems has been echoed by many publications and media, including Wired and NPR.
Mr. Molina has acted as chair in several security organizations, including the Trusted Computing Group and the IoT Internet Consortium. He is the co-writer of the Industrial Internet Security Framework and the author of several security related patents and academic research papers. Mr. Molina holds a M.S. and a Ph.D from the University of Maryland.